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28 February, Royal Cinque Ports GC, Deal, Toby Couzens – Yes Maybe No 
13 March, Marlborough, Woking, Gavin Prentice – Yes Maybe No 
10 April, Blundell's, Burnham & Berrow, Marcus Rowland – Yes Maybe No 
17 April, Tonbridge, The Berkshire, Simon Buchanan – Yes Maybe No 
20 April, Wrotham Heath G C, Wrotham Heath, Michael Jerrom – Yes Maybe No 
7 May, Saunton GC, Saunton, Toby Rowland – Yes Maybe No 
10 May, Littlehampton Seniors, Littlehampton, David Watney – Yes Maybe No 
14 May, Sherborne GC, Sherborne, Marcus Chantrey – Yes Maybe No 
15 May, Sherborne Meeting, Sherborne, Marcus Chantrey – Yes Maybe No 
24 May, Lancing, Littlehampton, David Watney – Yes Maybe No 
3 June, Woodbridge GC, Woodbridge, Howard Gill – Yes Maybe No 
4 June, Aldeburgh GC, Aldeburgh, Howard Gill – Yes Maybe No 
14 June, Meeting & AGM , The Berkshire, Robin Irving – Yes Maybe No 
21 June, Woking GC, Woking 4.00pm, John Hargrove – Yes Maybe No 
25 June, Rye GC, Rye, James Chappell – Yes Maybe No 
28 July, Cheltenham, Tidworth Garrison, Tony Steele-Perkins – Yes Maybe No 
6 August, Malvern, Woking, Justin Chantrey – Yes Maybe No 
3 September, West Sussex GC, Pulborough, Willy Rydon – Yes Maybe No 
10 September, Downside, New Zealand, Jerry Hill – Yes Maybe No 
24 & 25 September, Autumn Meeting, Rye, Jonathan Godfrey – Yes Maybe No 
2 October, School/Staff, Sherborne, Lewis Hinch – Yes Maybe No 
9th October, Family Day, Woking, Charles Eglington - Yes Maybe No 
16 October, School, Remedy Oak, Robin Irving - Yes Maybe No 
22 October, Radley, Woking, Terry Gordon – Yes Maybe No 
6 November, Aldenham, Ashridge,Simon Brown – Yes Maybe No 

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