Grafton Morrish 2014



The first round saw us drawn against Hymer’s who we had played a few years ago and we were confident of our chances.  They had a couple of good, young players that strengthen their team.  Our pairs were Rhys Francis & Robin Irving, Stuart Gillett & Toby Couzens, Joss Pralle &  CliveMartin.


Francis & Irving struggled while Gillett & Couzens managed to scrape a win on the 17th which was enough thanks to a point secured by Martin &Pralle, who played well.  There was much debate at lunch over tactics and it was decided to change the first two pairings to Francis & Couzens and Gillett & Irving.


This seemed to spur on the team and it proved to be a pivotal moment.  The dynamic changed instantly and a renewed enthusiasm saw St Johns, Leatherhead dispatched 3 – 0.  A tough match against Haileybury saw us prevail 2-1 and then a more comfortable win against Shrewsbury in awful weather saw us head to dinner on Saturday evening with a semi-final place against Loughborough.


They proved a tough team and all matches were close with Francis & Couzens winning on the 18th, Gillett & Irving losing on the 17th but Pralle & Martin secured the decisive win on the 16th.  Then the fun started!


Clifton managed to scrape through their semi-final with only two pairs after one of their team suffered back spasms in the night and was unable to play.  We assumed that we would then only need 2 pairs for the final so Gillett & Irving opted to stand down.  Some debate ensued as to how the draw should be made but the rules were clarified and it was decided that, as Clifton only had two pairs, we only needed to put two pairs forward and the 3rd match would be a point to us.


Only 15 mins before the final the Clifton captain announced that he had to be on a flight to Heathrow at 8pm and couldn’t therefore risk playing!  Clifton therefore started the final somewhat flustered to say the least, but we didn’t mind!  Francis & Couzens played sublime golf and were 4 up after 4 which proved to be decisive as they strolled to a 7 & 6 victory which gave us the long overdue win in one of the ‘Majors’.


It was a victory that was well received in the clubhouse afterwards and special thanks must go to the parents of Irving, John of course in his capacity as OSGS Captain this year, who supported us through each round so it was very special sharing this with them.